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Barrier is important for the preservation of nutrients and sensory quality
Jul 31, 2018

Good sealing: The barrier properties of packaging containers to air and other volatile gases are important for the storage of nutrients and sensory quality. Compared with various juice packaging containers, the oxygen transmission rate of the container directly affects the browning of the juice and the storage of vitamin C; the metal cans with low oxygen transmission rate, the glass bottle and the aluminum foil, and the storage of the vitamin C in the carton. It is better, and the iron can is very good. Cosmetic Iron Box Factory. Restoration of tin: The tin on the inner wall of the tinplate acts on the oxygen remaining in the container during filling, reducing the timing of oxidation of the food ingredients. The rejuvenation effect of tin has a good storage effect on the flavor and color of light-colored fruits and juices. Therefore, the juice cans using unpainted iron cans are better preserved than the juice cans of other packaging materials, and the browning is fine. The flavor quality is better, and the shelf life is extended.

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