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Beautiful and generous appearance, well received
Jul 31, 2018

Exquisite packaging boxes are generally exquisite and generous, and are well received. In the process of making gift boxes, there are many operating steps. The control of each step is the key to the production of the box. The advantages and disadvantages of process control are decided. The quality of the good and bad.

In the production process, each process hides the quality risk. These risks are not the imperfection of the process design, nor the incomplete performance of the equipment. Most of them are the lack of quality awareness of the operators and the imbalance of skill levels. The process control is not rigorous, and there are often quality loopholes. These are the biggest enemies of the quality of the gift box. It is especially important to improve the quality awareness of the managers and teapot operators. This is also the most effective way to effectively avoid the occurrence of defects.

Need to pay attention to the following points in the production process:

1, because the process of hardcover gift box is different from the general packaging box, pay special attention to the materials used, otherwise it will cause foaming on the surface of the box, bending, warping, etc. Generally speaking, thick cardboard or density This problem rarely occurs with boards.

2, after the paper is pasted on the four sides of the box, the adhesion is not tight, and there is a phenomenon of loose edges between the paper and the gray board.

3, there is also a special color printing of the gift box, especially the deep color food cylinder. The granular material remains in the lower layer of the material, and the surface is partially propped up, which will destroy the flatness of the surface of the box. , resulting in more scrapped conditions.

The reason why the gift box is high-grade is not only reflected in the higher price than the regular gift box, but also reflects the rigor of the process, the selection of materials is strict, every step in the production process is strictly required, and the final product will be exquisite and gorgeous. It is called the value of the face.

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