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Dignified, calm and elegant
Jul 31, 2018

More quaint and elegant, suitable for temperament women with elegant taste. The material of the wooden jewel box is divided into MDF and solid wood. The solid wood is generally divided into mahogany jewellery box, pine jewellery box, eucalyptus jewellery box, mahogany jewellery box, ebony jewellery box, and the most distinctive is eucalyptus. Products. Elm is walnut wood, because it grows slowly, its pattern is fine, the texture is strong, and representative European-style pine jewelry boxes such as ethnic crafts are often used as materials. MDF, which is what we call synthetic board, compression board, fiber board, wood-based board, MDF board, because the construction process of solid wood is more complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive, some wooden jewelry boxes on the market are generally adopted. MDF board is made, the surface is covered with solid wood skin, and the effect is not much different from that of solid wood. It is difficult for laymen to distinguish it. In a certain sense, it saves the cost of the box.

The redwood is darker in color, the wood is heavier, and the material is harder. Generally, the wood itself has its own fragrance. The jewelry box made of this material is rich in texture. Rosewood is a kind of mahogany. The color of the jewelry box made with it is not static, and the texture is either hidden or vivid.

Pine has a piney scent, a pale yellow color, and a lot of sputum. The jewel box made of this material has natural color, clear and beautiful texture, and the color is pure and bright, showing a simple and unpretentious texture. In the hustle and bustle of the city, it caters to people's psychological demands of returning to nature and returning to the true self. However, because pine wood is soft, easy to crack, and easy to change color, it should be taken care of during daily use.

Elm has the name of “Chinese oak”. It has hard material, high strength, large specific gravity, unique structure and dense wood grain, and clear and beautiful texture. The eucalyptus is resistant to moisture and abrasion, and has good coloring and soil decoration properties. The jewel box made of eucalyptus has the characteristics of dignified calm, elegant and simple.

The mahogany wood is hard and light, and the shrinkage is small. The heartwood is usually light reddish brown, and the longer the better the gloss. Its diameter cut surface has different shades of lines, it is silky satin, very beautiful, and the texture is delicate and elegant with a satin-like feel. Wood is easy to cut and slice, has good sculpturality, and has good lacquering, viscose, dyeing and stapling performance. Jewelry boxes made of this material have a noble and elegant appearance.

The ebony heartwood has a distinct distinction. The sapwood is white (with yellowish brown or grayish gray) to light reddish brown; the heartwood is black (chaotic black or slightly greenish) and irregular black heartwood (the stripes are arranged in shades). The surface of the wood has good gloss, feels warm and has no special odor. The texture is black and white, and the texture is interlaced. The material is hard, heavy, corrosion-resistant and durable. It is a precious piece of furniture and crafts. Jewelry boxes made of this material are heavy and heavy, both in the eyes and in the hand. The wood grain that swims in the silk is looming, subtle and not unassuming, and the hand touch is smooth like silk.

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