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Elegant and generous, beautifully designed
Jul 31, 2018

China's largest pure tin handicraft is in the world's tungsten capital China Cangzhou Dayu County Donghong Tin Products Co., Ltd., rich in mineral resources, with tungsten and tin-tungsten associated minerals and is known worldwide.

It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the mining, mineral processing, smelting, electrolysis, refining tin and tin products processing of tin ore, and is specialized in the design, development, production, production and sales of high-grade tin crafts. The company has developed a series of products such as tin painting, wine, tea set, dish decoration, vase, stationery, furniture decoration and tourism products. The company can develop products according to different needs of customers.

Jade Tin Plate is a new type of handicraft developed by Shenzhen Pure Tin Square Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., which is developed by Malaysian tin technology combined with jade craftsmanship. It is made of Malaysian tin raw materials and jade, combined with jade carving technology. It not only utilizes advanced technology to improve quality, but also retains the artistic nature of artificial production. The unique design is not only magnificent, elegant and generous, but also beautifully designed, and the style is simple and elegant, which not only maintains the original ornamental but also adds value-added concept. , well received by the market.

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