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Good gloss, more beautiful, high-grade
Jul 31, 2018

In recent years, as people's consumption needs and consumption levels have changed and improved, not only for tea, but also for the packaging of tea has changed a lot. From carton, wooden box, plastic box to iron box, all kinds of materials are packed, and the iron box is the first choice for tea packaging.

The so-called iron box, as its name suggests, is a tea box made with tinplate. The tinplate is the surface of the iron that is tinned for protection. Compared with other materials, tin boxes are used more widely, such as biscuit cans, gift cans, wine cans and so on. In addition to the variety of printing on the surface of the iron box, and having a good gloss, it is more beautiful and high-grade. People like to use iron box packaging, but also because the iron box is compatible with the strength, it is suitable for preservation.

What are the benefits of packaging tea in an iron box?

1. Good sealing

Tea is most afraid of being exposed to oxidation in the air, so the primary key to storing tea is sealing. The iron box has a low oxygen transmission rate and good barrier to air, which can better protect the tea.

2. opacity

Light can easily cause the deterioration of tea and the quality of food, especially when green tea is easily deteriorated. The opaqueness of the iron box makes the preservation rate of the tea more high, and the color does not change except that the tea leaves remain original.

3. Reduction of tin

The tin in the iron box will interact with the oxygen remaining in the container during filling, which is the reduction of tin. The reduction of tin can reduce the chances of the nutrients of the tea being oxidized and prolong the shelf life of the tea.

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