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High neck height, constant temperature, preservation function
Jul 31, 2018

Tin tea cans refer to tin cans that store tea leaves. People in ancient times like to use tin to purify water to make the taste sweeter. Tin is not harmful to human body, and it is cool. Generally, metals have a metallic taste, but tin does not.

The tea cans made of tin have stronger sealing properties than others because of their own materials, and because the can body is thicker, the neck of the can is high, the temperature is constant, and the function of preserving is superior. Good tea leaves need good tea cans to store, especially delicate green tea, which has higher requirements for preservation. If you use bad tea cans, nutrition and taste will be lost, and it will be easy to deteriorate. For good tea, it has to be said to be a waste. This is also something that people who love tea can't tolerate.

Different from the texture, tea cans are generally made of tin, iron, ceramics, glass, paper, etc. Among them, iron color tea pots and long neck tin bottles with double lids are preferred, and tea is stored in ceramics. It is better to have a large belly. Due to factors such as price and production process, most of the tea cans are widely used in iron tea cans. Because of their exquisite printing and novel style, they are well received by the public.

In ancient times, ceramic containers were used to hold tea leaves. Rich households also used tin containers to hold them. Modern packaging teas were generally vacuum-wrapped with tin foil paper to achieve a better sealing effect. In general teahouses, large-mouth glass bottles are used to hold tea leaves. The purpose is to allow customers to see the tea's appearance more clearly.

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