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Improve the grade of tea at once
Jul 31, 2018

Tea is a kind of delicate thing. If it is not well maintained, it will run away, or it will be easy to make the original flavor of the original tea taste. The high-grade tea is not worth the money. The ceramic tea cans just make up for this defect, not only can the tea be protected from moisture. It also keeps the original flavor of the tea for a long time. When the tea is packed in a tea can, it will improve the grade of the tea and make the perfect combination of tea culture and ceramic culture.

Normally, no maintenance is required. After the tea cans are used up, you can continue to install tea leaves, recycle them, don't throw them away, you can also load coarse grains at home, grow flowers, and have ceramics at home, full of traditional culture.

1. Packed with tea: green tea, black tea, Tieguanyin, rock tea, bergamot, 滇 black tea, white tea, Dahongpao, and so on.

2. Food: various seasoning jars, storage tanks, honey pots, sugar bowls, water tanks, etc.

Tea cans can be planted after use, and can be used to make some coarse grains at home, which can be decorated.

1. Traditional blue-and-white porcelain white kaolin ceramics are represented by Dehua and Jingdezhen.

2. Zisha is represented by Yixing.

3. Longquan celadon is represented by Zhejiang Longquan.

4. Bone china is represented by Hebei Tangshan and Chaozhou.

5. The kiln change is represented by Taiwan.

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