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A Closed System That Completely Isolates Environmental Elements
Aug 20, 2018

Cosmetic tin box. Opaque: In addition to the bad reaction of food, light can also cause changes in protein and amino acids. However, the exposure of vitamin C to light is more likely to cause it to interact with other food ingredients, resulting in a large loss. According to the research and analysis of the cosmetics tin box factory, the loss of vitamin C in the transparent glass bottle of milk is 14 times higher than that of the dark bottled milk. The light will also cause oxidation and odor of milk, as well as cracking of nuclides and methionine. Loss of nutritional value, the opacity of the iron can make the storage rate of vitamin C high. Thanks to these properties, the tinplate can provide a closed system that completely isolates environmental elements in addition to heat. The color-protected foods are deteriorated by light, oxygen and moisture, and are not lightened by the aroma or are exposed to the atmosphere. It is too polluted and tastes, and the stability of food storage is better than other packaging materials.

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