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Maintain A Long-lasting Luster
Aug 10, 2018

The high-end tea cans on the market are mainly tin cans. In ancient times, people like to use tin to purify the water to make the taste more sweet. Tin is not harmful to the human body, and the sex is cool. In general, metals have a so-called metallic taste, but tin is not. It may be a good gift from us. The tea cans made of tin have stronger sealing properties than others because of their own materials, and because the can body is thicker, the neck of the can is high, the temperature is constant, and the function of preserving is superior.

Good tea leaves need good tea cans to store, especially delicate green tea, which has higher requirements for preservation. If you use bad tea cans, nutrition and taste will be lost, and it will be easy to deteriorate. For good tea, it has to be said to be a waste. This is also something that people who love tea can't tolerate.

Usually you can save the tin can as long as it is not placed at a temperature below 15 °C. You can choose to place the tin can on the display rack as an exhibit to show its soft and rounded color to show its natural charm; it can also be used in daily life.

Since the tin can is not plated on any material, the trouble of peeling off the surface is eliminated, and the original gloss of the tin can can be maintained by simple maintenance:

1. Just clean it with water or a neutral detergent, then dry it with a soft dry cloth.

2, tin cans should avoid contact with oil stains as much as possible, such as accidentally stained with some difficult to remove dirt, should not be rubbed with hard objects, can be used to wipe the dust with a cotton cloth, decontamination, local stains Wipe with a cotton cloth dampened with a polishing paste.

3, the tin can products of the frosted surface can be cleaned with warm soapy water; and the smooth tinware can be kept for a long time after being wiped with high-quality silver-washed water.

4. If you live by the sea, always use a damp cloth to wipe the white tin crafts, because the salt in the air will make the gloss darker.

5. After cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry in time, as residual detergent and water droplets will damage the surface gloss of the tin.

6, tin has a lower melting point (231.89 ° C), should not be placed on the fire side for a long time to bake.

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