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Pure Tin Material Has Good Ductility
Aug 01, 2018

Pure tin material has good ductility and is called "sounding tin" because of its twisted sound. After the crafts are distorted, they will change.

Therefore, this method cannot be used when purchasing, but we can “smell the sound” by simpler method: use the nail to gently sweep the tin from the palm of the hand, and 97% of the tin has a clear metal sound and a short echo; 99.9% of the tin sound is not crisp and no echo, it is a superior tin

1) Remember to store the tin can in a clean, dry place.

2) Never use a dishwasher or a brush to clean tin tea cans.

3) Avoid contact with the flame or place it in a heated area. When the tin is heated to above 160 degrees Celsius, its texture will become brittle and the utensils will peel off into powder or dish. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not heat the tin crafts to more than 160 degrees Celsius to avoid damage.

4) Do not place food or beverages in tin tea cans overnight to avoid smudging the surface.

5) Those who live in the seaside area must wash the tinware more frequently, because the large amount of salt in the air will make it lose its luster.

6) Wash with warm water and wipe with a soft dry cloth after cleaning.

7) Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth and a high-quality silverware cleaner.

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