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Resource Recycling, Environmental Protection, Energy Reduction
Jul 31, 2018

Usually, iron boxes are widely used in tea packaging and some high-grade commodity packaging. The main purpose of the iron box is to make the packaging of the gift look more generous, with grades and aesthetics. Therefore, compared with plastic packaging, iron box packaging is more popular. Another important factor is that the country is now vigorously promoting resource recycling, environmental protection, energy reduction and so on. Due to the very high recycling rate of iron box packaging, it reduces romantic energy.

1, simple printing, but the pattern is beautiful, as long as the design is done, according to the film output can be printed. After printing, it is formed by a stamping machine.

2, the cost is low, do a batch of iron box packaging, the number of one or two thousand is up to 50,000 or 60,000 yuan. And the five or six thousand yuan ordering carton industry is also a few thousand.

3, the packaging hardness is high, tinplate is generally made into iron box tin can product thickness is 0.23mm minimum 0.20 thickness, high thickness can be 0.35mm.

4, the iron box can also be matched with other materials, iron box packaging can be put into the paper gift box, or the wooden box with the design, without losing the high-end.

5, each is a brand, now advocated in 2000 is the brand power. Every round can or small tin box is the propaganda of your brand.

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