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Design Christmas Tin Set Items

Design Christmas tin set items Design Christmas tin set items. Customized rectangle three-pieces tin sets.Metal packing tin sets for foods,candy cookie and storage.Matt printing Christmas packing tin sets. We’re professional tin box manufacturer that has more than 20 years’ experience on making......

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Design Christmas tin set items 


Tin box according to the feature points can be divided into the moon cake box, cigarette case, candy boxes, tea pot, coffee pot, health care products boxes, perfume boxes, watches boxes, card case, mobile phone boxes, battery boxes, CD boxes, gift boxes, wine boxes, ginseng cans, chocolate box, game box, ashtrays, tissue boxes, etc. Because of the tin boxes, printed and can make various shapes, styles, more and more popular with customers and manufacturers.

We’re professional tin box manufacturer that has more than 20 years’ experience on making tin box.

We have and we can do following:

Engineer an entirely new shape or size tin

Change the height of a custom tin of an existing shape or diameter

Print with exceptional quality custom graphics

Emboss or deboss a logo or graphic on the lid or body

Specialty varnishes

Unique metal closures including combination materials

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